Xtendwave is a Dallas-based fabless semiconductor company focused on the development of physical-layer communication technologies. Our solutions strategically target improved performance over various media by supporting increased data rates, greater distances, and higher quality-of-service.

Atomic Timekeeping

NIST’s WWVB broadcast, in service for over 4 decades, supports radio-controlled clock synchronization throughout North America. Many millions of ‘atomic’ clocks and watches rely on this signal for accurate timekeeping. Under contract with NIST, Xtendwave has revamped the WWVB broadcasting system and developed receiver technology that operates in accordance with the newly defined broadcast protocol. Relative to today’s receivers, Xtendwave’s technology provides orders of magnitude improvement in reception of the WWVB signal, particularly in interfered environments. Xtendwave’s WWVB receiver technology, EverSet®, provides cost-effective, reliable timekeeping solutions and is available through a family of high performance WWVB receiver ICs and modules. In addition, the fully-integrated CMOS implementation of the EverSet® receiver ICs supports integration into CMOS system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for minimizing system component count and cost.

Interference Mitigation

Xtendwave develops technologies that enhance the performance of wired and wireless networks including copper backhaul. Exponential growth in broadband and mobile communications, including the use of smartphones and tablets, has placed a tremendous strain on telecom infrastructure around the world. Xtendwave’s technologies mitigate capacity-limiting interference, a primary factor affecting the performance of communication over copper telecom infrastructure and wireless networks. The company’s patent-pending technologies effectively address these challenges, providing cost effective, more reliable, and faster network connections.

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